Monday, March 2, 2015

January/February 2015

We had a nice visit with mom in January.  We had her come up and visit for her birthday.  We had a gift we wanted to give her, but we wanted to see her face when she opened it.  We bought her a grandmother's necklace that had a family tree on it with everyone's birthstones including spouses.  It was pretty cool.  She also did crafts with the kids and cousins.

Whitney went shooting with Thom for the first time and actually aimed pretty well.  She had fun.  She also had her first New beginnings and participated with a little talk.  She is growing up so fast.

Thom has been really involved with woodworking lately and he built me some shelves downstairs in the basement.

We also in February had our first snowfall.  Also for valentine's day Thom gave me a necklace with a real ruby in it and put the fixture on himself.  Seriously there's nothing this man can't do!

 Experiment with making a lava lamp of sorts
 They love their cousin Clayton
 Aunt Gina did her hair doesn't it look great?
Whit giving her little talk
Ethan playing in the first snowfall

November/December 2014

The last two months of the year.
November we lost Sam our dog.  He died here at home.  We actually had an appointment to see the vet, but he died a couple hours before.  Thom got to hold him while he took his last breath and he built a box for his body.  We buried him in the backyard.  We have kinda a pet cemetery back there.  Our ferret is back there too.  I actually did not take any pictures from Thanksgiving.  I can't believe I didn't do that.  We did our usual thing.

December we were anxiously awaiting our new puppy!  We got him on Dec. 23rd.  Another boston terrier.  What can we say, we are a boston terrier family.  His name is Baxter.  I don't think we will do a puppy again.  They are high maintenance like a baby, but we love him and he is so stinkin cute! Good thing...

Ethan also had his Christmas program at the preschool.  He was a shepherd.  He did a great job.  He also had Emma and Paige over for a little pre-Christmas play date.  They decorated and cut sugar cookies out and just played while us moms visited.  Leah Gualandi and Melanie Wernle.

Spent Christmas here at the house.  The kids loved their stuff.  Genevieve kept saying after every gift was given to her"For me?"  It was pretty cute.  The loved and played with every toy.  Now that Whitney is older shopping for her was a little harder this year, but I thought I did a pretty good job of it.  Santa wasn't so bad either.
 Sam right before he died
 kBaxter when we first go him

 He was so tiny!
 Ethan's playdate love those kids

 My little shepherd

 Look at all that loot!
Matching aprons for woodworking.  Thom's mom made them

September/October 2014

I have a lot of catching up to do.
September was Whitney's piano recital and birthday.  She turned 12.  She had her final friend party and we let it be a sleepover.  Where has the time gone with that one.  She has gotten so big.  She was horrified around this time that she and I wear the same shoe size.  She also experienced her first youth temple trip.  So proud of this girl.

Ethan started his 2nd year of preschool.  He loves it and is a little ahead of the curve.  He taught himself how to count to 100 and was so disappointed that their class only learned numbers 1-10.

Time out for Women was in September.  My mother and sister in law came and we spent the weekend at the hotel in St. Louis.  We had a good time.

One of the best things that happened in October was my sister and my nieces made a suprise visit from Utah! I was absolutely speechless when I saw them.  My niece Ashley was getting ready to go on a mission and she paid for the trip.  I'm so grateful she did that and we had so much fun.  We went to Nauvoo and just really absorbed everything.  That is the first time I got to go absorb everything.  Every time I have gone my kids have been with me and it becomes a little distracting.  I also got to do a session with my niece and sister.  It is a trip I will never forget!

Halloween came and went pretty uneventful.  We had our trunk or treat and Thom made Ethan's robot costume.  Ethan loved it.  The kids got alot of candy,
 TOFW in September
 Sheresa,Ashley and Brittni visit in october
 Nauvoo live show
 after a temple session
 Tour in the wagon in Nauvoo
 Whitney's slumber birthday party

 We took Sheresa Ashley and Brittni to postseason atmosphere.  It was fun just to be down there
Ethan's preschool Halloween parade
 Getting ready to go trick or treating

Whitney's first temple trip in October

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

July and August

July was so much fun and a lot going on.  We celebrated the 4th of July with some friends.  The Wernles,Gualandis,Walls,Riekes, and Woodcoxs.  We had them over and let the kids go crazy and eat a lot of junk and play games.  We just sat around and visited while the kids played jenga and jumped on the trampoline and played on the slide.  The we sat out front of our house and watched the fireworks and played with sparklers.  We had such a good time.
We then had the Lightle family reunion.  I don't have a lot of pictures because they are all on my husbands camera.  Anyways we got together at Thom's parent's house for a week of fun and seeing cousins that Ethan and Genenvieve hadn't met yet.  The weather was nice for the most part.  The kids played in a creek and caught fish and crawfish.  We went to Nashville to the farmers market.  The kids did a lot of swimming.  Ethan and Eve were a little worn out.  So much so, that I would stay in my van to let Eve take naps when she fell asleep.  They tried so hard to keep up with the big kids.  We got to take family pics with everyone, so that was cool.  Fun time had by all.
  We had mormon night at Busch stadium in St. Louis, which means we had a whole section of seats just for members.  We got a good price on the tickets.  The little ones had a good time, which kind of suprised me.  The beer guy quit coming around in our section after someone told him we were all mormons.  lol  There is nothing like going to a baseball game.  I love my St. Louis Cardinals!
  Our little Eve turned two on July 27th.  Oh how time has flied.  She loved Frozen at the time, but has since moved on to Minnie Mouse.  She loved all her gifts and the cake of course!  Grandma have her a back pack and I swear she wore it for a week straight.
   During the summer we have what we call the PBJ which is the peanut butter and jam festival where we have live music, food and activities for the kids to play.  This year we went on a day where the reptile guy came and let the kids look at snakes and lizards.  The little ones got their faces painted.  The days we didn't do something in particular we were swimming at the pool.
  August has been a time for preparing Whit for school and Ethan for preschool.  Whit started middle school on the 13th of August and she loves it, especially the food.  I can't believe I have a middle schooler.  Ethan and Eve do miss Whit while she is gone, but they seem to manage without her.
LaurenWernle,Wren Wall, Whitney, PaigeWernle, and Griffen Wall
 Ethan and Eve lovin their little slide
 Just chillin
 the older kids playing jenga
Eve not sure what to think of the sparkler
 Down by the creek at the reunion

 These two are the little buds

 She loves crowns, so I got her one to wear on her bday

 seriously loved that back pack for a week

 I laughed when he came back from the face painting ha ha

May and June

Where has the time gone?  May was pretty busy with Whit's piano recital and Ethan's preschool graduation.  We also celebrated Memorial day at the church with our ward.
June was alot of fun.  Whit got out of school on the fourth and then we were able to just enjoy the nice weather with swimming and picking strawberries with friends.  Highland has what is called the switzerfest where there is rides carny food and a parade.  The little ones really cleaned up with all the candy from the parade.
   We went to splash city with the Gualandi's in June and also went to downtown St. Louis to the  City gardens which had a lot of water fountains for the the kids to play in.  We had Patrice and Brooke Rawson with us.  The kids loved it.

 Piano recital
 Peppermint preschool 3's program
 Memorial Day picnic
 Picking fresh strawberries yum!
 Whit's last day of 5th grade.
 Ethan anxiously waiting for the candy from the Switzerfest parade
 Eve waiting for the parade to start
 First pool day of the summer
 Splash city. Love my little strawberry:)
 City Gardens in downtown St. Louis