Sunday, October 4, 2015

Eve's birthday

Eve deserves her own post about her birthday.  I can't believe my little one is 3!  I'll miss the baby stage, but I sure love her personality and spunk.  She is a handful at times, but we don't know what we would do without her in our little family:)  She received lots of dress up dresses and still where's them quite a bit.  Her favorite dress is the Elsa dress.
 Made this cake out of fondant

 Hitting her first pinata

 Worn out from all that dress up
At one of the PBJs Queen Elsa came to visit and Eve just happened to have her dress on.  It was cute.

June/July Summer time

This summer we decided to have the Fun Jar.  Everyday the kids would take turns picking something out of the jar to do that day.  I have to be honest, it saved my sanity and kept them from asking me everyday "What are we doing to day?"  My in-laws live here and that helped keep the summer fun for the kiddos.  We did alot of swimming and visiting grandpa and grandma.  Went to some Cardinals games as well.
My dad and nephew Cameron came to visit.  My dad brought Cameron as a graduation gift.  We went to Nauvoo and to a ballgame and shopping of course!  The kids really like hanging with the older cousin.
Whitney had her first girls camp this year.  She did get home sick, but over all had a good time.
We went to the PBJs at the square and had our annual 4th of July party.
We also had the county fair to go to this summer and my little Eve turned 3 this year and loves all things minnie mouse and Elsa.
Thom and I were able to get away and go to a Cubs/Cardinals game at Wrigley field.  I've always wanted to go to Chicago.  So I was glad we went.
I ran another 5k before my planar fascitis kicked me to the curb for awhile from running.
 Glow run for Switzerfest
Some fun jar activities: washable crayons in the tub.  Baxter wanted in on the fun too.
Little family t-ball
making pet rocks
Whit and Breann headed to girls camp
My dad and Cameron's visit: Baseball game

 4th of July bash

 one of the many days of swimming
County fair

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 2015

The month of  May is coming to a close and I don't want to forget anything.  My in-laws have decided to move back to Highland.  We are super excited about that.  Dad is staying in Tenn. until they sell the house down there.  Mom is here and working at walmart.  They bought a house up here and she is still settling in.  The kids ask me everyday if they can go to grandma's house.  I kid not every day!

The first of the month was big for me.  I ran my first 5k ever and didn't stop at all.  The was huge for me.  Something I felt was just for me.  I've also been losing weight for about a year now.  I'm working out every day and just chugging along.  Taking it one day at a time.

Thom and I went to our first Cardinal's game of the year! We love our baseball.  They played the Cubs that day.  We lost, but won the series.

Ethan started T-ball this month.  Poor guy his head is too big for the helmets, so we bought one for him. lol  He likes it so far.

Ethan was invited to a birthday party at the magic house, so I took him and Eve there.  They would have stayed all day if I let them.  Ethan also graduated from Peppermint Preschool.  I can't believe he will be in kindergarten next fall.

For memorial day we celebrated at the ward picnic.  it was in Highland this year at Silver Lake.  that was fun. The kids had alot of fun.
Superhero Race May 3rd...

 Having fun at the Magic house

 Paige Emma and Ethan
 Eve wanted a turn to wear his hat
The Memorial Day Picinic

March/April 2015

Wow where has the time gone.  I hope I can remember everything that has happened.  March was the month of celebration.  The celebration of my birthday and Easter.  We also had some warm days and were able to spend time at the park.  My birthday went to my fav pizza place Peel and it was delicicous mmmmmm.  The we headed out to my fav outlet mall and bought some work out stuff.  That evening Whitney and I were able to go to the movies and saw cinderella, it was a cute show.

We had a few warm days and spent them at the park with some friends.  The little ones LOVE the park.

I got a wild hair and decided to redo our flower beds and holy cow that was physical, but it felt good to accomplish it.

We celebrated Easter down in Tennessee with the grandparents.  We always enjoy our time down there.  Whit likes to hide the eggs for the little ones too.

Our membership was about to expire, so during spring break we went to the zoo and the kiddos had fun and again the weather was awesome:)

Whitney also had her spring recital.  She is doing so well in piano.  We are so proud of her.  She also made straight A's 3rd quarter.  She is such a blessing to us.

Ethan turned 5!  My little boy is 5.  He wanted a an angry bird star wars cake, so that was a challenge, but he didn't care.  He just loved getting gifts.  Love that boy.  He is also understanding.  The ward fundraiser was on his birthday, so we celebrated it the next day.
 At the Peel
 Getting ready to watch Cinderella

 this was just a fun activity at Korte to celebrate baseball season

The ward Easter egg hunt.
My attempt at cupcakes for the activity.....

 Egg hunting at mom and dad's

 At the zoo

 Yay Whit!

 I have him a cupcake on his birthday eventhough we didn't celebrate til the next day

 The kiddos love the park
Whit participating in the fundraiser to raise money for girls' camp